Writings and blogs of Mohamed Abdelshafe Nada

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Al-Qahira, Egypt June 6, 2022 (Issuewire.com) — Mohamed Abdelshafe Nada’s writings and blogs have appeared since 2019 on social media pages and won the admiration of many media pioneers social.

There was a great interaction between the pioneers of social networking sites on what he writes and blogs, and it increased the interaction of the public with his writings, which increased the number of followers on his pages.

He always participates with the public in his writings and develops positive solutions for society that have a major role in building society and destroying the negativity that destroys society.

Mohamed abdelshafe Nada tries through writing and blogging to build a better society, motivate positive, avoid harmful things in society, uplift people and give constructive solutions to develop social and produce a better society that is advanced in thought that would develop collectives.

Mohamed Abdelshafe Nada also blogs through large pages on social networks, followed by millions of people, and he has become one of the public figures influencing society. He believes that social media is the language of the future, so we must use it properly and avoid the negatives of social media sites spreading rumors and things that will destroy society. He enjoys raising awareness of the harms of the misuse of social networking sites



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