Woodlands Online Classifieds – Updated Tips to Stay Safe

THE WOODLANDS, TX – In our digital world, buying and selling goods online has become the norm. However, some wish to take advantage of the online market.

At Woodlands Online we pride ourselves on providing a safe and convenient way to buy and sell goods online using the latest anti-malware, spybot, phishing, spamming, virusware and ransomware products and processes, but unfortunately even with constant vigilance, there are those bad actors who will always try to sneak onto the site in an effort to overcome our best efforts.

Below are some scams that hit online classified pages such as ours. We will update this page whenever possible (REV 8/22/22):

“I’m moving and I’ll send you a cashier’s check. »

Often a person acting as an interested buyer Contact the seller, by e-mail or by telephone, asking questions about an item. Once they know the item is still available, they will indicate that they are moving or out of state and offer to send a certified check or cashier’s check for more than the asking price of the seller. He will ask the seller to cash the check. They will also indicate that they will have the item picked up by a moving company. This is a classic scam scenario. The certified check or cashier’s check will be fraudulent and by the time the bank finds out, the seller will have lost their money.

“I’m sending you a Google verification number.”

Scammers look for people who are selling items online and message them as if they are an interested buyer. The criminals proceed to send a Google verification code to the seller. They then ask the seller to share the code to verify that they are a real seller. However, this is a Google Voice scam, and the scammer wants the victim to share the code with them to use to create a new Google Voice phone number linked to the seller’s number. Scammers look for your phone number and Google Voice information so they can create another Google Voice account in your name to scam other people.

To protect yourself from this type of scam, consider the following tips:

  • Always deal locally, face to face in a public place is ideal.

  • Never respond to a request where the buyer states that they will send a certified check or cashier’s check for more than the asking price and that a moving company will pick up the item.

  • Although communication by phone or SMS is convenient, we recommend contacting by email instead, providing a record of the communication.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions you have or if you think you’ve been contacted by one of these players. You can contact us by clicking here.

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