VA Health website receives update


VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System launched its new website on Wednesday to improve the user experience.

It had been nearly a decade since the site was last upgraded, according to a statement from VA Southern Nevada, as has been the case with most VA medical centers in the United States.

“Veterans, families and caregivers have expressed that VA Medical Center websites are confusing to navigate, contain outdated or missing information, and do not match their VA health care journey,” says a VA statement Southern Nevada Healthcare.

Working with VA facilities across the country, VA Southern Nevada Healthcare has listened to user ideas and made changes. Feedback from veterans was collected for the site which now provides information to veterans, families and caregivers on how to prepare for a visit, get care and connect with the care team of VA Southern Nevada Healthcare.

VA Southern Nevada Healthcare has taken information from users, who include veterans, and created a whole new website template. The new web portal includes items such as directions to major medical centers and associated clinics, contact details, parking and transport information, hospital and clinic opening hours, patient registration, how to make appointments and how to renew prescriptions.

Additionally, site visitors will find a comprehensive new listing of health services, social programs, and VA care coordinators. This includes information on primary and specialty care, mental health care, and caregiver support and care coordinators for LGBT veterans, female veterans and returning servicemen, and others.

VA Southern Nevada Healthcare has also created a “mobile first” user experience, as half of the traffic to the VA Medical Center website comes from mobile users, according to the agency.

Mobile users can access information and tools on their mobile devices: online planning, prescription refills and access to medical records. Mobile users will also find a new list of health services that uses patient-friendly names and descriptions as well as new social and health program pages that make it easier to connect with care coordinators.

“The new site has increased speed and mobile features that allow users to call VA or get directions with one click,” a statement said.

Users do not have to do anything specific to access the new website. Users will be automatically redirected to the new site when they visit

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