UK takes interest in Turkey’s award-winning e-Nabız healthcare app


UK health authorities are interested in Turkey’s award-winning mobile app e-Nabız (e-Pulse), which enables citizens to access their medical records and provides an improved digital healthcare infrastructure.

At a business forum attended by top doctors and health authorities from UK and Turkey, Turkish officials gave an overview of the successful e-Nabız system, which has proven to be effective especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing users to remotely access their records. .

Deputy Health Minister Uayip Birinci told the Turkey-UK Healthcare Business Forum in Istanbul that Turkey has demonstrated the quality of its healthcare system during the pandemic. He noted that Turkey’s advanced healthcare infrastructure could serve as an example for other countries, which intend to revive their healthcare systems.

“We have this opportunity to see how effective digitization is, how well it actually works and optimizes itself in the process,” he said.

The deputy minister noted that UK officials were looking to learn more about the system and said they were “ashamed” that they did not have an effective system.

He said that e-Nabız not only holds personal health records, but can also measure the performance of health facilities in the country.

“For example, if a patient goes to the emergency room within 24 hours of their first visit, it shows that the facility’s emergency services are ineffective,” Birinci said, stressing the importance of data analysis. that can be performed by the system. .

Dr Birinci also pointed out that the system was developed nationally by Turkish engineers and they have successfully started selling it to other countries.

E-Nabız received the “Best Health App” award at the World Summit Award presented under the auspices of the United Nations Information Society.

Considered the most comprehensive healthcare IT infrastructure in the world, “e-Nabız” continues to grow every day. The app allows its users to access their medical records 24/7 on their mobile devices, regardless of which hospital they have checked into.

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