‘Traumatic’ NHS waiting times see company Chorley launch private healthcare app

“Private healthcare doesn’t have to be very expensive, and for most people, peace of mind is priceless,” says the co-founder of a private healthcare app.

The ‘My Health Assistant’ app was launched by a company in Chorley to reduce treatment waiting times after seeing how ‘traumatic’ NHS waiting times were during the pandemic.

The app gives easy access to private healthcare services and treatment options – as well as additional income for independent healthcare professionals.

My Health Assistant has connected people in over 60 areas of the UK with quality professionals.

It gives patients access to counselors, psychotherapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, physiotherapists, life coaches and many more, and facilitates the viewing of profiles “on the go” and the selection of the best professional. depending on your needs.

Patients can search by location, profile and user reviews and appointments can be booked directly on the app and office staff offer phone and email support.

The service was launched in March from the offices of the Strawberry Fields business center, and more than 200 healthcare professionals have joined the “My Health Assistant” service.

The team of four has over 45 years of experience in the medical and customer service industries. Co-founder Kate Wild was inspired to start the business after her family struggled to access NHS treatment during the lockdown.

Kate said: ‘During the pandemic it has been traumatic for me and my family to wait for NHS treatment for worrying health conditions.

“Stress is known to make illnesses worse and by spending just a few hundred pounds we were able to get rapid diagnoses and a treatment plan that put our minds at rest.

“Private healthcare doesn’t have to be expensive and for most people, peace of mind is priceless.

“What’s also great about our service is that it opens up an additional source of income for workers such as nurses and care aides.

“It can be a big step to become independent, so we’re helping with the administrative tasks of setting up a ‘virtual office’ through our app, giving our professionals more time to help patients.”

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