The website serves as a one-stop-shop to help patients, families and healthcare workers find what they need in the local healthcare system


Whether you are a patient seeking care or a nurse or case manager looking for resources to help patients, navigating the health care system is complicated. But for those who live in Southern Nevada, finding what you need just got easier with

Diego A. Trujillo

The site was officially launched in October by VegasHealthCare Group, a local entity run by Diego A. Trujillo, originally from Las Vegas. Trujillo started the company in 2016 with the goal of bringing new perspectives on how Nevadans can find what they really need in the local health care system.

“We like to say that we are not real health care, but we are the lubricant within the health care machine,” Trujillo said. “Our vision is to bring the community back into health care and serve Southern Nevada by helping people better understand the health information and resources available to them.”

With, if you’re a patient looking for providers in Southern Nevada, the easy-to-browse directory can help you find one. If you are a healthcare professional in need of patient equipment and supplies, the site can direct you to them. It can help you compare insurance options, find legal resources, research professional training for workers, and even locate behavioral and complementary medicine options for patients, and more. Some of the main page directory categories include:

Navigate health insurance

· Doctors


Community resources

Hospitals and surgery centers

Schools & Vocational Training

Imaging and laboratories

Transportation equipment and supplies

Trujillo is also the CEO of Las Vegas HEALS, a nonprofit coalition of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving access to care. He studied theology and served as youth and adult pastor in Las Vegas, and says the project is part of his commitment to community service. Personal experience also influenced his decision to launch the site.

“I was born in Las Vegas, went through the local medical system, worked in a hospice, and when I needed to help my dad with his health journey, I always struggled “, did he declare. “I couldn’t imagine what it was like for others who knew less than me.”

The next goal is to integrate more videos and written content from local health professionals, added Trujillo. These expert voices can help answer common questions and fill information gaps on health topics and system navigation.

“We are really committed to expanding the educational content for every category that we have,” he added. “We want to be an even stronger resource for the people of southern Nevada. It’s also an opportunity to showcase the thriving healthcare community here in Las Vegas. We have great professionals and we all benefit from more connection and support for each other. “

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