The new website for residents and professionals, the Sutton Information Hub, is now online!

Our new information website, the Sutton Information Hub, is online. The website will help residents and professionals find local services, support and activities that may interest or help them.

Whether it’s local parks or recreation centers, community or support groups, sports or hobby clubs, walking or fitness groups, church groups and everything in between, the Sutton Information Center will be the central place where residents and professionals will find information and support.

Councilor Marian James, Chair of the Sutton People’s Committee, said, “The Sutton Information Center brings together a wealth of information about the local community, all on one site. Whether you want to find a local group of like-minded people to connect with, events and activities, or community groups, there are over 400 organizations (and more joining all the time) that don’t. waiting for you to find them.

The website is currently in public beta, which means changes and improvements are being made as we gather feedback from residents. The website was developed in collaboration with residents, professionals and advocacy groups to help shape the site’s functionality, accessibility and appearance. You can use the comments function on the website to submit your comments on the new site and any changes or improvements you would like to see.

A wealth of information for children leaving care is already available on the Sutton Information Hub and includes information on managing finances, applying for continuing education, free gym membership, healthcare rights free healthcare and more.

Our Family Information Service, which contains extensive information on registered childminders, nurseries, preschools, breakfast clubs, after-school clubs and holiday programs and more, as well that our support sections for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) will soon be added.

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