The best Google Maps blogs to follow before the end of 2021

Google Maps is what most people use to see real-time route navigation for a particular route. Whether you use it to find places to eat or sights to visit, this tool provides an interactive service for both iOS and Android users.

If you want to know more about this app, you can follow Top Google Maps Blogs to search for more related topics regarding this navigation software. We’ll also be sharing their most recent posts to date.

Best Google Maps blog to follow before 2022

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Check out these three best Google Maps blogs worth checking out in 2021. We’re also including the 10 new settings that many people haven’t explored in the app yet.

According to Feedspot, there are over 10 blogs and websites you can visit if you want to read more articles on Google’s map app. From its own website, we’ll also cover other tech publications that offer the same treatment. However, we will only choose the best out of all of them.

Google Maps Blog

If you are looking for real time updates for the famous Google app, you can go straight to its official blog site. Specifically, there would be no interruptions between your readings as this blog will keep you updated all the time.

Most recent posts

  • This year we looked for ways to stay healthy
  • Winter is coming: 9 ways to enjoy it with Google
  • Make health care options more accessible on research
  • Find food and give back with Google
  • 9 useful Google Maps tips for counting mistletoe

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Slash Gear Blog

For techies, Slash Gear isn’t just known for its tech versions which are always fresh to the public. Along with its content on the newest smartphones with the most technological advancements, this blog site has various articles that discuss important facts about Google Maps.

Most recent posts

  • Google Maps update makes it easier to pick up grocery orders
  • Google Apps on iOS is about to use Apple’s UIKit – will you notice?
  • Google Maps gains new green navigation options
  • Google unveils new features of Maps
  • Pokemon GO could be the best game in the metaverse

The madness of Google Maps

Sometimes some blogs give you unclear information about using the map application. If you’re looking for a highly recommended Maps blog, you can check out Google Maps Mania to see its interactive approach to the app’s tools and features.

Most recent posts

  • Destroy tropical forests
  • Take a land selfie
  • Mapping in the shadows
  • The refugee card
  • The 30 Day Card Challenge Roundup

10 magical features behind Google Map settings

In another article written by Gizmodo on Tuesday, December 7, there are some imperceptible features that people ignore. Often these changes are ignored or often missed.

These 10 new settings will blow your mind after reading this article.

  1. Dietary requirements (Settings> Manage your preferences> Diet> Update preferences)
  2. Occupied Zone (Zoom in on a crowded area to see the Occupied Zone label)
  3. Restaurant prices (press the Add price button to check the average price of a particular restaurant)
  4. Route to phone (from the route options, tap Send route to your phone)
  5. Eco-friendly route (To find a fuel-efficient route, go to Settings> Navigation options)
  6. Share the trip (Click on the navigation instructions at the bottom and tap Share trip progress with your friends)
  7. Future journey times (from the navigation direction, click on the three dots at the top right, then press Set departure or arrival time)
  8. Incognito option (Click on your profile picture and select Enable incognito mode)
  9. Update offline maps (Go to Settings, then Offline Map Settings and enable automatic download of recommended maps)
  10. Location updates (Tap your photo, go to Settings, and click Manage your zones)

You can check out another set of Google Map tips that you can find on Android. Apart from that, Tech Times also wrote an article on how you can share your location through Google Maps for different platforms.

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