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The Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship (MSSRS) program is a summer research opportunity open only to aspiring MS-II students. The duration of the project is 7 weeks during the summer, during which time students must devote at least 6 full weeks to the project.

Last name: Abiha Jafri

Hometown: Shenandoah County, Virginia

First cycle : Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a double minor in Biology and Electrical Engineering; George Washington University

Hobbies: Travel, read, cook and cook

Name of your MSSR project and your role in the research: The effect of health literacy on health care utilization among trauma patients; Research Assistant with Dr. Jaclyn Tremont

Why did you choose to participate in the Summer Scholars Program: Summer Scholars’ is a great way to learn about research and get involved in community projects. I saw it as an opportunity to immerse myself in an area of ​​medicine that I had never thought of before: surgery and traumatology. While my primary role in this project was extracting and transferring patient data, I was able to learn more about the inner workings of the hospital and the field of surgery/trauma.

Advice for MS-I and future medical students: Enjoy your time in medical school. This is just the beginning of your journey to becoming a doctor, so take the time to celebrate your accomplishments and have fun. Four years will pass quickly!

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