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NASHVILLE, Tenn., February 15, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Spencer McClung, Director of Advisory Firm Three (AF3) recently announced the company’s rebranding and launch of its new website to better showcase the firm’s expertise to help growing digital businesses successfully navigate an increasingly complex business environment. AF3 helps CEOs and technology teams accelerate growth, advising them on areas such as capital raising, strategic planning, product-market fit, revenue planning, team building and alignment around key objectives. In certain situations, AF3 will invest in companies that it advises.

“Launching a start-up is hard – testing the value proposition, validating the business model, identifying and understanding the customer, providing the right solutions, designing and building a scalable platform, developing a brand and brand voice, planning operations, build a team and raise capital,” explains Spencer McClung“Effectively managing these challenges and the intersection of people, strategy and execution is crucial to business success.”

“We believe there are a few fundamentals that drive digital business success, and AF3 is uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs build healthy, high-performing teams, align them with select priorities that truly drive business, and then to execute them with the urgency and speed necessary for growth.In addition to the product-market fit (is the sales team crushing it? If not, the company has probably not achieved product-market fit), we help our customers with:

  • People: Get “the right people on the bus” and get the wrong people off. The latter is as important as the former…and we usually find out sooner rather than later, not months. True leaders embrace healthy conflict and make quick decisions to build amazing teams.
  • Focus: align your organization around a few priorities. If you have a unifying priority, you will get it – if you have several “good priorities”, you will get none. “Good is the enemy of good”
  • Velocity: create a culture of urgency – increase the speed of impact (push teams out of comfort zones): the right people will respond; it brings teams together and creates purpose and contagious energy; the wrong people won’t respond (see “People” above; thanks to Frank Slootman (Snowflake) for crystallizing much of our approach)”

Spencer McClung has held operational leadership and strategic partnership positions in companies operating in the following areas: creator economy (tools/platforms, marketplaces, monetization, crypto, NFT, talent); digital media; subscription/e-commerce; and SaaS B2B. Prior to AF3, Spencer was an entrepreneur and digital executive serving as Executive Vice President, Media and Partnerships at IPSY ($1 billion in revenue, the largest beauty subscription/e-commerce platform, led by of digital creators, 25mil+ community, 180mil+ product reviews), where he was responsible for leading the company’s media activities, which included its creator community, programming/writing studio, branded content, creative, its integrated sales/marketing, business development and event activities.

Prior to AF3, Spencer was EVP, Media & Partnerships at IPSY (creator economy, commerce), the world’s largest beauty/e-comm subscription marketplace. Prior to IPSY, Spencer was COO, Kin Community (creator economy, digital media); women’s lifestyle leader with a focus on digital creators. Prior to Kin, he was Head of Business Development and Board Member of CERECONS (B2B SaaS, Health Tech). Prior to CERECONS, Spencer held senior positions in business development, advertising sales and finance at Yahoo!/Launch and Disney.

Spencer McClung also advises venture capital/PE groups and provides insight throughout their fundraising and investment process, and post-investment with portfolio companies. He works with companies across the United States, and sometimes overseas. Spencer lives Nashville with his wife and two children. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BBA in finance with honors from Texas A&M University.

About Consulting Firm Three (AF3)

AF3 provides consulting services to CEOs and their teams, to give them the tools and clarity to navigate the critical intersection of strategy, people and execution. AF3 helps entrepreneurs build and accelerate the growth of their businesses, advising them in strategic areas such as raising capital, strategic planning, determining the value proposition and product-market fit, and revenue planning. AF3 also helps business leaders clarify important operational challenges, such as developing a scalable platform, expanding operations, promoting team growth and personal development, and alignment around objectives and key results. In certain situations, AF3 will invest capital or consulting time in exchange for equity in businesses, with a focus on growth-stage digital businesses.

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