Seminole County school bus drivers plan wage protest

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Some Seminole County school bus drivers plan to protest low wages and long working hours with sick leave on Friday, calling for work to show significance to the district.

According to a report by WESH, the protest is not supported by the unions. The local association of school bus drivers is aware of the planned action, but is not a part of it.

“We have a great relationship with the neighborhood, we don’t want to ruin that relationship and more so, we don’t want our kids standing at bus stops in the dark, unattended without parents, that’s what it is. most disheartening or disheartening for us, “said Chardo Richardson, director of the Seminole County School Bus Drivers Association.

Seminole County Public Schools issued a statement saying children could still take the bus, but with delays.

“If that were to happen, we would do our best to share with families in advance (ie Thursday) so that those who have the option of dropping off their children in the morning or picking them up can do so. make or arrange other transportation arrangements (like carpooling) so that it doesn’t disrupt their family’s schedule or work day, ”they said.“ For those who just aren’t able to make other arrangements, our drivers would continue to make multiple trips and return to school until each child was safely brought home. However, it would cause potential delays that morning and that afternoon. ”

Seminole County recently added a bonus structure for new hired drivers, in the hope of encouraging candidates and alleviating their driver shortage. County school bus drivers are now starting at less than $ 15 an hour, an incredibly low amount for someone entrusted with the health and safety of dozens of school children at once .

If you have the option to do this on Friday, it could be a good day to keep your child at home. Today’s lesson: never cross a picket line.

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