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Community members can report medical and administrative grievances

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Posted: Fri, Oct 29, 2021, 2:01 PM

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) urged community members to use the electronic system to report health care malpractices at private facilities.

The service ensures that health care providers comply with the policies and regulations of these institutions.

The ministry is making an additional effort to improve electronic services in order to improve the delivery of health care in the country through innovative solutions and quality systems.

The electronic complaints system makes it easier for members of the public to report medical and administrative complaints about private health facilities and their medical staff. In addition, the complainant can follow the status of his complaint until the final result following the end of the investigations.

The new system is based on the ease of use, impartiality, confidentiality and reliability of the information provided by the complainant, which contributes to better handling of complaints and provides a good data benchmark to improve transparency and credibility. .


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Improve compliance

Abeer Adel, Head of Licensing Section at Mohap, said: “The electronic complaint system for reporting misconduct by private medical facilities and their staff is part of Mohap’s online service package, which aims to improve the quality of the health system, to innovate intelligently. solutions, and adhere to quality systems, in order to develop services, and contribute to the development of public policies and strategies.

The ministry is committed to dealing with precision and transparency any malpractice or medical error in private institutions, said Adel.

“To this end, the ministry has provided a legislative framework that includes clear controls and requirements regarding medical practices in accordance with the Federal Legislative Decree.

Adel hinted that the number of complaints is in the lowest global rates of developed countries, thanks to the strict standards and requirements followed by the ministry when issuing licenses to private facilities. Periodic inspections and surveillance campaigns as well as the cooperation of clinics guarantee quality health care.

Impartial medical board

Dr Hessa Ali Mubarak, Director of Control, Audit and Inspection Department, said: “The new system is an important asset for the existing procedures, as it facilitates the handling of complaints for all stakeholders in order to ” achieve the sanitary compliance of private medical establishments.

“It allows all individuals, whether residents or visitors, to file a complaint against private health facilities with all supporting evidence, if applicable,” she added.

She said a neutral medical committee will be formed to investigate the incident and hear from both sides, as well as to assess the procedures followed by the doctor.

“A report is then submitted to the Mohap Medical Licensing Committee to take action and address all concerned parties,” she added.

She said private health facilities are constantly monitored to make sure there are no wrongdoing and to reduce cases of negligence and medical errors. These campaigns have seen facilities violating prescribed standards penalized and fined or even shut down, she said.

Doctors who commit medical errors are usually referred to the Medical Authorization Commission which decides on penalties in accordance with Federal Law No. (5) of 2019 concerning the regulation of the practice of the profession of human medicine. The medical complaints committee will include experts in various medical fields to adjudicate on submitted medical complaints and issue reports that can be appealed by the complainant within 30 days of issuance. In this case, the disputed reports will be referred to the Senior Medical Liability Committee for reconsideration.

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