Pima County Launches New Website

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Pima County officially launched its COVID-19 relief funding transparency website, PimaRecovers.com, on Tuesday, which allows the public to track how the county is using the nearly $300 million it has received since 2020.

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A rudimentary form of the site has been live since December, but this latest version includes an interactive data dashboard that allows visitors to view funding uses as a whole or by individual program.

“Our new transparency website will allow the public to explore specific expenditures, see who received the funding and a description of how it was used for the public good. They will be able to track every penny we have received and spent on COVID-19 relief,” said Acting Pima County Administrator Jan Lesher.

The county received two major grants from the federal government: $87,107,597 from the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) award, authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) of 2020; and $203,421,668 from the Coronavirus State & Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (CSLFRF), authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021.

CARES Act funds have been fully expended, and the county is in the process of using ARPA funding, which runs through 2025.

Funding details for these two grants can be found at PimaRecovers.com. The county has also received several other federal, state and private grants for COVID-19 relief. These funds will also be tracked on PimaRecovers.com, but this data has not yet been uploaded. The county continues to make improvements to the site and will add additional data in the coming weeks. If the federal government awards other pandemic relief funds to the county, those funds will also be tracked on PimaRecovers.com.

Main features of the site:

  • An interactive data dashboard
  • Success stories that demonstrate how the public has benefited from COVID-19 relief funding
  • Explanations on the sources of financing and the rules for their use
  • Memoranda and other reports to the supervisory board and financial backers
  • How-to videos explaining how to use the dashboard
  • A feedback form that allows the public to submit their personal stories of how county-run COVID-19 relief funding has benefited them

“Were it not for these grants, the pandemic would have had severe deleterious effects on the county budget and would have significantly limited not only the county’s response to the pandemic, but also the health care industry, first responders, non-profit organizations and the business community, all the county has been able to help with these funds. The covid relief acts were truly a lifeline for our community and it’s important for the county to be completely transparent about how it used or is using these large grants,” Lesher said.

Lesher added that PimaRecovers.com could eventually become a model for financial transparency for grants from other counties or general fund expenditures once relief funding programs have ended and all funds have been expended.

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