SAN FRANCISCO, December 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Opero today announced a new name, new website and two new apps Salesforce, Opero Payments and Opero Forms. Opero, formerly A5 Apps and Ramsey Solutions, has been offering major Salesforce applications since 2008. The company name comes from Latin. job. Opero joins the ranks of the fastest growing Salesforce application providers in the growing market for improving business systems, processes and workflows.

Opero’s highly efficient Salesforce suite of apps includes documents, signing, shipping, faxing and latest additions, payments, and forms. As remote working grows, building profitable systems and working is increasingly becoming a backbone in the healthcare, legal, hospitality and e-commerce industries. Along with the new name, the company created a brand based on the values ​​of transparency, innovation and trust.

“Over the past 12 years, the business has grown primarily organically through referrals, great reviews and great customer service,” said Travis ramsey, CEO and founder of Opero. “We’ve built great products that our customers trust. I would love to expand our reach and deliver the same added value to as many companies looking to improve their processes. In the ever-changing landscape of working with Salesforce, do trust your process is essential. The Opera suite is a simple answer when it comes to finding the right Salesforce solution. ”

Today also marks the launch of Opero Payments and Opero Forms. Opera Payments presents a flexible billing and payment solution that harnesses the power of the Salesforce platform. Opera has identified one of the most common business needs, collecting payments efficiently and securely. The Opera Payments app is the only Salesforce app to integrate with Quickbooks Payments to process ACH transactions, the most cost effective and established solution. Payments also integrate with the main credit card processor, Stripe.

Opera Forms allows customers to easily set up web forms and send them to customers to collect data securely in Salesforce. Highlights of the app include the ability to include a form on the websites to collect important customer data in a streamlined process. The app also allows users to map responses and create processes using Salesforce Flows. One of the coolest features is that it works seamlessly with the other Opero applications in the suite integrating with Opero Signature and Opero Payments.

Opera has designed a suite of applications that will evolve and evolve with business processes. As Salesforce continues to evolve, so will Opera. The brand will continue to meet customer needs with new use cases, useful content and an ever-expanding knowledge base on the site. Opero also plans to expand its partnership and certification program with consultants becoming “Opera certified”.

About the opera: Opera was founded in 2008 by Travis ramsey. One of the first consultants on the Salesforce platform, they gained a wealth of experience in identifying some of the missing parts that businesses needed most. Since then, Opera has worked with over 900 different companies implementing Salesforce solutions. Opero builds Salesforce apps that deliver real value and benefit to business processes by delivering better apps at better prices. www.opero.com

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