New website launched to support people in advance care planning

Research conducted at the Center for Health and Society at Aston University was used to inform the design of a new website to support people in advance care planning.

The Planning Ahead website, launched on December 10, is supported and hosted by Hospice UK, the national charity that works for people experiencing death, death and bereavement.

Dr. Alexis Paton, lecturer in social epidemiology and sociology of health, whose research focuses on how sociology and medical ethics can improve health services, spent 18 months working with stakeholders on research used to develop this resource.

To support the website launch, Dr. Kathryn Mannix, a successful end-of-life care consultant and writer, wrote about the planning tool to explain why individuals might find it useful.

Alexis Paton, co-director of the Center for Health and Society at Aston University, said:

“Everyone has the right to make choices about how they want to live, depending on what matters most to us. We are each unique, with different ideas about what matters most to us, and so we do. different choices in our lives. It’s no different when it comes to health care. When faced with an illness and the decisions to be made about it, we all make different choices about how we would like to be treated.

“It is not always possible to make these important health care decisions when we are sick, so this website aims to reflect on some of those choices and what we would like to happen there. ‘future. This allows us to consider what matters most to us, and writing them down helps us ensure that our decisions are honored when we are sick, especially when we are unable to make decisions for ourselves. .

“Advance planning is for everyone, all ages and all health conditions. We hope this website will help encourage more conversations with those we love about our wishes and choices for our future health.

“The website is a ‘work in progress’ because we can always learn more about how to help people make health care decisions. Patients, professionals and the public are encouraged to throw out at a glance and provide feedback to the development group via an integrated link to Aston University’s Center for Health and Society. “

You can find out more about the work of the Center for Health and Society on its website.

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