New CAREFUL Healthcare App Helps Clinical Teams Reduce Transfer Risk

Thousands of patients in the UK die each year and hospitals waste up to 15% of their total budget due to poor referral. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) wastes at least £250million a year on discharge delays, and the same problem occurs in hospitals around the world.

“Handover” is a critical process in healthcare when responsibility for patients is transferred from one clinician or team to another. In every hospital, thousands of these transfers take place every week. Most hospitals use a combination of ineffective informal communication systems for handover, including slips of paper, sticky notes and WhatsApp messages.

Founded in 2021, CAREFUL has tested and built its technology platform to enable clinicians to seamlessly capture and update health data and hospital patient records. CAREFUL is a digital health platform that enables visibility, accountability and collaboration as patients move through different care settings and interact with different caregivers. The platform provides hospitals, clinicians and multidisciplinary teams with a constantly updated holistic view of each patient’s care plan to ensure their safe and frictionless movement throughout their healthcare journey.

Helping hospitals communicate internally and with patients

CAREFUL research shows that a quarter of all doctors and nurses worldwide use spreadsheets to record patient and task lists. A clear view of the state of the hospital – and the forecast of future flows – is obscured. The staff don’t know what’s going on and neither do the patients. Even in digitally advanced hospitals, critical tasks are regularly lost or overlooked.

“All of these headaches can be solved quickly and easily with ATTENTION,” said Dr. DJ Hamblin-Brown, the company’s founder and CEO. “CAREFUL is an application that helps hospitals communicate internally, but also with patients and their families.”

CAREFUL users can send, receive, and share responsibility for patient care during peer-to-peer transfer, internal referrals, discharges, and transfers between organizations. Patient safety is improved because nothing is lost or overlooked. Patient information is added, reviewed and updated at every care transition to ensure a complete and continuous health history across all care settings. Caregivers contribute to the story as the patient moves between community care, hospital, teams, and home or returns to community care. Patients are encouraged to access and contribute to their own record.

Dr Johann Grunlingh is an NHS emergency medicine consultant and intensive care specialist in London. He and his team at Newham Hospital helped test the app during development. He commented: “Transfer is a long and dangerous process, especially in intensive care. ATTENTION fills a huge gap where electronic patient record systems are malfunctioning. CAREFUL provides an action orientation that would benefit all NHS care teams. »

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