Nephros Unveils New Branding and Website

Rebranding reflects an integrated approach to water safety, with an increased focus on customer solutions and educational resources

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire –– Nephros, Inc. (Nasdaq: NEPH), a leading water technology company providing filtration and pathogen detection solutions to the medical and commercial markets, today announced the launch of a new brand image and a new website. These changes reflect the company’s purpose, mission, vision and values ​​and represent a strategic shift to deliver an integrated approach to water safety. This enhanced positioning supports an increased focus on filtration solutions, water testing technology and the development of comprehensive support services and educational resources for Nephros customers.

The rebranding includes new messages, logo, warranty and website. Collectively, these elements clearly articulate the story of Nephros, demonstrating the defined purpose of improving the human relationship with water, and the mission to provide cutting-edge, accessible technology and resources to improve water quality. .

As described on the new site, “Better Water for Life is the ultimate vision that drives Nephros and the work we do. We seek to improve the relationship between people and water, this mutual dependence between life and the resource, which is so fundamental for each of us, and so deeply affected by availability and security.

“In 2021, we committed to building a scalable infrastructure, a business that built on the articulation of the Nephros brand. Our team delivered on that commitment and I am extremely proud of the results,” said Andy Astor, Managing Director of Nephros “The rebranding allowed us to define our ‘why’, a position now demonstrated by our new slogan: BECAUSE WATER COUNTS (SM), as well as our materials and our digital platform. The results are a comprehensive summary of our messaging and our commitment to providing superior product solutions and customer experience.”

Mr. Astor continued, “Being a market leader means being an educator, and our new website allows us to be a resource for all things water safety. Our digital architecture now supports the easy discovery of timely and relevant product and material solutions that demonstrate our seasoned industry expertise. As we continue to leverage these capabilities, we will further establish Nephros thought leadership and provide even greater service to our customers and distributors. This new infrastructure is designed to support our future growth and global mission.

Nephros’ commitment to delivering solutions that support better water for life is also reflected in the new Nephros Wellspring initiative, which represents our values ​​and investment in social and environmental responsibility. By leveraging employee engagement, Nephros executes community efforts that ensure equitable access to water safety education, awareness, and access to clean water sources, expanding the impact of our corporate mission beyond the business model. Later this month, Nephros Wellspring will partner with EarthEcho International, a non-profit organization dedicated to building a global youth movement to protect and restore our ocean planet. EarthEcho will support Nephros employee volunteers as they organize a community event that connects local middle school students with water monitoring activities and education.

About Nephros

Nephros, Inc. is a company committed to improving the human relationship with water through accessible advanced technology. We provide innovative filtration and pathogen detection as part of an integrated approach to water safety that combines science, solutions and support services. Nephros products meet the needs of customers in the healthcare and commercial markets, providing both proactive and emergency responses for water management.

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