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As if telemedicine companies didn’t already have enough regulatory complexities, a number of states have begun implementing “telemedicine company registrations” before launching services in new states. Among them is Mississippi, which requires telemedicine companies to obtain such registration before providing care to patients located in Magnolia State.

Mississippi is neither the first nor the only state to create a telehealth enrollment requirement. A number of other states, including Alaska and New Jersey, have current or pending requirements for telemedicine companies to register.

Where are the telemedicine registration requirements?

The requirements are contained in the Mississippi Telemedicine Practice Standards. Each provider entity/organization providing patient telehealth services in Mississippi is required to submit an application for registration to the Department of Health Licensing Office every two years, along with additional information and documentation regarding the entity/ provider organization and the services it provides.

Who should register?

The regulations apply to all “provider entities/organizations” providing telehealth services to patients in the state of Mississippi. A provider organization/entity is defined as “organizations, institutions, and business entities, including online service entities”, and “telehealth” is defined as “the use of technology to deliver health care “. Telehealth includes telemedicine (“the provision of health services such as diagnosis, consultation, and treatment through the use of audio, video, or other interactive electronic media”), mHealth, eHealth, and tele- education.

How do telemedicine companies register?

Provider organizations/entities must register with the Department of Health before providing services to patients located in Mississippi. The Ministry will issue a registration for the entity if the following conditions are met:

  • The entity submits a complete and accurate registration application to the Department. Mandatory fields of the registration request include:
  1. Name of supplier organization/entity.
  2. Supplier Entity/Organization Owner name, email address and phone number.
  3. Physical and postal address of the supplier organization/entity.
  4. Name, occupation, and license number of all healthcare professionals providing telemedicine services to Mississippi patients on behalf of the provider/entity organization.
  5. Category (or categories) of telemedicine services that the provider/entity will provide (including real-time live audio/video, store and forward, remote patient monitoring, audio only, test only and/or other services (to be specified).
  6. Confirmation that the supplier organization/entity is registered to do business with the Mississippi Secretary of State.
  7. Confirmation that the supplier/entity has liability insurance.
  8. Signature of Applicant.
  • The entity attaches a copy of its certificate of registration with the Mississippi Secretary of State with its application.
  • The entity encloses with its application a copy of its proof of general and professional indemnity insurance.
  • The entity submits the $50 registration fee with its application.
  • The entity agrees to comply with telehealth registration requirements and minimum standards.
  • When must the registration be renewed?

    Registration is valid for two years and is issued for the registration period beginning on July 1 in the year of registration and expiring on June 30 two calendar years later. If a Supplier Entity/Organization registers after July 1, the Entity’s registration date on its Certificate of Registration will reflect the date its application was approved, but the registration will only be valid until June 30 of the year of registration.

    Each registered organization must submit a completed and signed Application for Renewal of Registration and proof of general and professional liability insurance to the Department by mail at least 30 days prior to the expiration date (i.e. before June 1 of the year in which its current registration expires).

    Does the registration transfer when there is a change of ownership or location?

    No, registration is not transferable. If a registered organization changes location (without change of ownership), it must notify the Ministry of the change of address in writing within 10 calendar days of the change. In the event of a change of ownership, the new owner must notify the Department and submit a new telehealth registration request.

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