Two experienced entrepreneurs join forces to expand access to healthcare by creating LATAM Pharma

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, June 16, 2021 / – Timely access to quality vaccines has been a constant challenge in developing countries. Likewise, the infrastructure for vaccine development, manufacture and distribution in the Latin American region is obsolete or non-existent. This has left a significant portion of the population underserved in terms of access to appropriate vaccination. Seeking to provide a solution to this need, two Mexicans health entrepreneurs set out to found and develop a company whose main objective is to provide the Latin American market with the best and most advanced vaccination technologies: LATAM Pharma.

Guy Jean Leon Savoir Garcia and Luis Doporto Alejandre have combined their experience, knowledge and technical capacities to bridge the gap and restructure access to different types of high-tech vaccines for Latin America. In addition to Europe, they are currently operating in Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and the list will continue to grow, as their objective is, in addition to strengthening their participation in Latin America, to reach d other developing countries, those who need it most.

The sum of their trajectories is a powerful formula that empowers them to identify, evaluate, negotiate, develop, market and distribute innovative health products. This recipe for success is not new; however, it is generally reserved exclusively for large multinational companies. With the skills that the two bring to the table, they promise to compete with each other and be able to bring a vaccine portfolio to the Latin American market.

With this vision, LATAM Pharma was created in Switzerland, one of the most important pharmaceutical poles in the world. The company is currently working to enter into collaboration and licensing agreements with laboratories in Japan, UK, Switzerland, Italy, China and the US for solutions against diseases such as Covid-19. , influenza, dengue, meningococcus, among others, and new mRNA technologies. At the same time, it also coordinates the manufacture, marketing, licensing and development of a new generation of products, with the support of Swiss universities of the highest academic level.

The company plans to have a portfolio of at least 2 vaccines registered and marketed by the end of 2021, and 5 vaccines by 2022, and to use this platform to become one of the main players ensuring access vaccines in Latin America.

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About LATAM Pharma:

In a difficult and constantly changing healthcare environment, LATAM Pharma offers tailor-made vaccination solutions for public and private markets in Latin American and Caribbean countries.
Our goal is to improve access to healthcare through global partnerships, facilitating research and development, manufacturing, quality control and distribution of vaccines.
Our presence in Switzerland, one of the main biopharmaceutical hubs in the world, allows us to pursue key partnerships with global players in the pharmaceutical industry to meet the needs of our customers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

About the partners:

Guy Jean Léon Savoir Garcia, entrepreneur experienced in health innovation issues. He has led some of the region’s fastest growing laboratories, establishing export operations and subsidiaries in nearly every country in Latin America. It has launched more than twenty innovative pharmaceutical and biological products, licensed or self-developed. This allows him to identify and attract the best talents, as well as to technically base very complex projects. Likewise, thanks to its network of contacts in Latin America, it has a marketing platform that facilitates the introduction of products almost simultaneously in different markets.

Luis Doporto Alejandre has been the negotiating leader in numerous mergers and acquisitions of distributors, laboratories, brands and pharmaceuticals. Among them, the acquisition of Casa Marzan, one of the largest distributors of medicines and health products in Mexico. This experience made him aware of the complexity of vaccine distribution due to its high volumes, its specific requirements (cold network), its traceability and its biosecurity. In addition, he has an international network of contacts in the industry which allows him to identify and conclude important transactions in the biopharmaceutical sector.

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