Marketplacer powers Chemist Warehouse e-commerce website

Australian pharmacy retailer Chemist Warehouse has chosen the Marketplacer technology platform to drive its new online marketplace.

The new marketplace provides customers with access to a wider range of products than is currently available for purchase in stores.

Additional vendor offerings will be added in the coming months, further increasing the choice available.

“The launch of the Chemist Warehouse Marketplace is a significant milestone in our digital roadmap and brings us one step closer to being Australia’s leading one-stop-shop digital retailer,” said Nick Blatt, Head of e-Commerce and digital customer experience at Chemist Warehouse.

“The marketplace gives our customers access to an even broader product portfolio and creates new opportunities for our suppliers as they will be able to expand their current in-store product lines. We are excited to see how our Marketplace is growing and look forward to continuing to work with Marketplacer. »

Scalability was a key driver in the decision to create the new Chemist Warehouse marketplace, as historically the company’s stores and distribution centers were limited to physical capacity.

Chemist Warehouse has over 450 brick-and-mortar stores across Australia and New Zealand that carry a full range of pharmaceutical, personal care, health, beauty, wellness and baby products.

“Introducing a marketplace gives existing and new vendors access to unlimited digital storage space,” Blatt said. “And for our customers, we will continue to build and promote the brand’s core values.”

Traditionally, Chemist Warehouse’s e-commerce and in-store product and category offerings were constantly aligned, with the exception of certain online and in-store only listings.

“Now, with unlimited digital storage space, we are opening up a whole new growth opportunity to our e-commerce channel. With the agility of our digital channel, we can learn and grow quickly and grow as company as a whole,” Blatt said.

The Marketplace platform
Chemist Warehouse reviewed Marketplacer and found it to be the leading technology platform for the e-commerce industry.

“Marketplacer has an impressive portfolio of top retailers in Australia and met other functional and capable criteria when we were looking for a technology provider to partner with,” Blatt said.

Rather than start from scratch, Chemist Warehouse modernized the new marketplace within the company’s existing e-commerce framework and technology stack.

“While this created challenges, it was the most suitable strategy for our intentions,” Blatt said. “Not only was it important to understand how each core area of ​​Chemist Warehouse works, but also all associated processes and workflows. Marketplacer has worked closely with us over the past 12 months and the results of this effort are now available to our clients.

The new marketplace also benefits the company’s vendors who will be able to sell more of their catalogs to a highly active and engaged audience.

“For new vendors, we now have the ability to support brands that may not have been able to stock and display in our stores,” Blatt said.

Marketplacer co-founder and CEO Jason Wyatt praised Chemist Warehouse for creating a marketplace that will add significant value to customers.

“The ability it provides to choose from such a vast and growing range of products and have it delivered to their doorstep is really a game-changer in this industry,” Wyatt said.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Chemist Warehouse as it grows its market and makes it even more valuable to customers in the months ahead,” Wyatt concluded.

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