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Loblaws has deployed its PC Health virtual healthcare application in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The application is now available across Canada in English and French, with the exception of Quebec. It was first launched in Atlantic Canada in October 2020, then rolled out to Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta a month later.

The app is designed to give Canadians convenient access to healthcare resources and support. You can also get health or nutrition advice through live chats with a registered nurse or registered dietitian.

Loblaws notes that the app connects users with “care navigators that are available to help guide users through the complex healthcare landscape to help them find the support they are looking for.” it is a health care provider like a dentist or family doctor, or a nearby medical center that is open late.

Users can also see their personal health goals and work towards achieving them through their daily activities. You can also choose programs that suit your needs and interests, such as maternal, family, or diet health programs. There is also support for mental health or anxiety management.

Loblaws notes that users also have the opportunity to earn PC Optimum Points by completing daily goals and activities.

The app also includes a marketplace that helps users find products that can help them manage their health and wellness. Users can also earn PC Optimum points on certain products purchased through the app.

The PC Health app can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Source: Loblaws


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