Launch of a new website for the Collingwood Hospital project

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital aims to submit Stage 2 planning documents by early 2023

The lengthy planning process for a future Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CGMH) continues and a new website will aim to keep residents and interested parties informed of progress.

The hospital’s chief financial officer, and soon-to-be interim president and CEO, Michael Lacroix, told Clearview Township Council March 21 that the hospital aims to complete its Stage 2 submission (out of 5 ) by the first quarter of 2023.

The hospital’s stage one application was approved in 2021, and that approval came with a provincial grant of $15 million for the work planning of stage two of the application.

During that announcement in August, the province said CGMH could move forward with the planning process to “upgrade and expand the hospital.” It is questioned if this means that the hospital will be renovated and rebuilt at its current location or if a new hospital can still be built at a new location.

Land has been offered on Poplar Sideroad near Georgian College for a new hospital.

According to the CGMH, the final location of the hospital has not yet been confirmed.

“We will continue to define program services and space requirements and ensure we incorporate emerging standards of care and construction requirements informed by the pandemic…assessing whether the current building can support these standards,” Lacroix told the Clearview board. “While the planning work will ultimately determine the size and scope of the overall hospital project, we can confidently say that it will lead to a state-of-the-art facility that will meet the healthcare needs of health of a rapidly growing southern Georgian Bay community.

Lacroix announced a new website,, where he said updates will be posted on the development application process.

Lacroix and CGMH’s current President and CEO, Norah Holder, are visiting Southern Georgian Bay councils to provide updates on the hospital’s development and present an updated strategic plan. Their tour began with the Clearview council on March 21.

Holder presented the strategic objectives, which fall under the four pillars of patient experience, people, innovation and partnerships.

Under the patient experience pillar, CGMH will focus on improving access to care closer to home and increasing service coordination for frail older adults and people with complex needs. in mental health.

The second pillar, people, includes goals for recruiting and retaining highly qualified people and supporting the health and mental well-being of the hospital team.

The Partnerships Pillar is accompanied by collaborative goals, including working with the Ontario Health Team in South Georgian Bay to improve patient outcomes.

Finally, the hospital aims to use technology to advance safety, quality of care and efficiency – including planning for a future state-of-the-art hospital – as part of the goals of the innovation pillar.

The strategic refresh process began in 2020 and involved consultation with approximately 700 internal and external stakeholders as well as a review of metrics and demographics, according to a hospital press release.

“The updated plan outlines the roadmap the hospital will follow over the next three years as we continue to optimize operations and work on corporate projects,” Holder said in the press release.

Upcoming presentations for Holder and Lacroix include March 24 for Wasaga Beach, March 28 for Town of The Blue Mountains, March 28 for Collingwood and April 6 for Gray Highlands.

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