Laguna Health Adds Healthcare Technology Innovator Gil Kaminski as Vice President of Clinical Products

Care transitions after outpatient surgery or hospitalization are costly when poorly managed, pose a great challenge for healthcare providers, and are an overwhelming and stressful experience for patients. In the United States, hospital readmissions account for 13% of business spending and 17% of Medicare spending. According to Bailey et al (2019) readmissions cost self-insured employers 80 billion dollars annually, 50% of which is preventable. In addition, patients who are recovering from a health problem also navigate emotional, cognitive, financial, and psychological obstacles to recovery while learning to adjust to their recovery at home. Nutrition, exercise, socialization, activities of daily living are all important factors in a patient’s recovery. The myriad of factors and barriers to recovery are not a universal recovery formula for patients, which means that each patient has a different set of needs that affect their recovery.

Kaminski’s work allows Laguna to contextualize patient care, a process of identifying a patient’s individual circumstances to determine whether a patient’s care plan needs to be modified to reflect those circumstances. Contextualizing patient care is an integral part of Laguna’s tailored patient engagement model that will ensure a safer and more successful recovery process. As part of this effort, a comprehensive patient database is being built to design artificial and augmented intelligence that will amplify the role of Laguna recovery coaches in delivering a high level of whole person care for the sick. The model will accurately and instantly inform coaches of their patient’s needs and can provide treatment advice.

“Look around you and you can see that health systems are at a breaking point with overworked and exhausted providers. The integration of augmented intelligence into clinical care is the future of providing optimal patient care, ”said Gil Kaminski, Vice President of Clinical Products at Laguna Health.

“I am excited to be part of an elite team of physicians, behavioral health experts, product experts and engineers to create a model that will elevate and personalize care transitions. “

Kaminski’s career is rooted in technological R&D and clinical operations. Most recently she has worked with DaVita Kidney Care for five years where she was director of operations. She was responsible for more than 25 dialysis centers in the Greater Philadelphia region, serving 1,900 patients and managing 500 employees. Prior to joining DaVita, Kaminski was a consultant for various medical and tech companies and provided insight into entrepreneurship and innovation. Before consulting, she was an algorithm engineer for a sleep clinic company, WideMed Ltd. WideMed focuses on sleep monitoring, cardiovascular diagnostics and predicting hospital admissions. Kaminski has created artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and SaMD (software as a medical device) products. Early in Kaminski’s career, she served in the Israel Defense Force (IDF)‘s Naval Medical Institute in clinical operations and clinical research capacity as a research officer / facility manager. She has researched medical devices, physiological signal testing, pharmaceuticals, genetic science, and occupational health.

“Gil’s experience is the perfect marriage of technology development and operational management of patient care,” said Yoni Shtein, CEO and co-founder of Laguna Health. “Gil is an important piece of the recovery puzzle that Laguna Health is solving. It will help bring our vision to life, provide better tools for our recovery coaches, and allow patients to recover easily.”

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