Kate Bush posts rare new holiday post on her website

Recluse art-pop artist Kate Bush recently posted a holiday post on her website, her first posting in nearly 3 years. In the post, Bush discusses the effect of covid-19 on everyone, saying no one is the same person he was since the start of the pandemic and everyone is confused for the future. In typical Kate Bush eccentric fashion, she spends most of the letter talking about her encounter with a Goldcrest, the smallest bird in all of Europe. She describes how seeing the bird was a way to reconnect with nature in these strange times. She’s also endorsed the idea of ​​paying healthcare workers more and she wants to honor them for all the hard work they’ve done during the pandemic. It was a very short letter, and she ended it by wishing everyone a restful Christmas and a happier year 2022.

Kate Bush recently announced a compilation album The other sides which was released in March 2019 and featured a cover of the Elton John classic “Rocket Man”. She was also recently nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, both in 2021 and in 2017. Although she has not been elected on either of the two occasions, being nominated is an honor and not a gift to nobody. ‘anyone. His last major album of new material was released in 2016 and was reviewed by mxdwn.com. The album Before dawn composed of 29 different tracks. Her music has also been covered a lot recently, with her song “Running up that Hill” being covered by an assortment of artists in 2020 and “This Woman’s Work” being covered by Bat for Lashes in early 2020.


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