Kashi Labs launches brand new website

Goal of New Website is to Provide Exceptional Customer Service to Patients and Healthcare Providers

PORTLAND, GOLD /ACCESSWIRE/July 27, 2022/ Kashi Clinical Laboratories, a fully accredited laboratory in Portland, Oregon, specializing in various health-related testing services, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website.

To view the new website and learn more about Kashi Labs, please visit https://kashilab.com/.

As a company spokesperson noted, the new site’s goal is to provide “personalized, timely and personalized customer service” to patients and healthcare providers through robust online resources. and easily accessible.

The new website makes it easy to access a range of vital resources, from genetic testing and virology to toxicology and clinical diagnostics. Additionally, providers can easily learn to partner with Kashi to provide the highest quality scientific information for preventive and diagnostic care.

The site’s new design and comprehensive, easy-to-navigate structure makes it the ideal resource for patients and physicians to learn more about Kashi’s history, team members, accreditation and services.

“Starting the lab was a personal mission and an unmet need,” noted Zahra Kashi, Founder, CEO and Laboratory Director of Kashi Labs, adding that through Kashi Clinical Laboratories, providers now have access to a wide range of development services. , reference lab services and platforms that complement Kashi’s original test battery.

Kashi Labs empowers its providers to confidently implement new ways to deliver predictive, preventative, and affordable healthcare to their patients.

Because patient care is their top priority, Kashi scientists use their combined decades of experience, along with the latest technology, to follow rigorous protocols in the creation, validation, and implementation of each test. Through his services, Kashi strives “to provide relief from illness and to work with hospitals and healthcare providers to promote the well-being and quality of life ‘for all patients,’ noted the carrier. word.

About Kashi Labs
Founded in May 2006 by Zahra Mehdizadeh Kashi, Ph.D., HCLD, Kashi Labs began by offering pre- and post-transplantation/transfusion services for the oncology and HLA communities. Today, Kashi Labs offers a wide range of development services, reference lab services, and platforms to complement their original test battery. Using the latest technology, Kashi scientists combine their decades of experience with rigorous protocols to create, validate and implement each test. For more information, please visit https://kashilab.com/our-story/.

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Mahtaab Sanaee
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