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THE WOODLANDS, TX – It’s February 1st, the official date on which we celebrate Texas National Day.

February 1 is the day we Texans celebrate — and urge non-Texans to — all things Lone Star. This official holiday recognizes the Lone Star State and its fierce record of independent people and history. The 28th state may not be the only state to be a republic, but the early residents’ dramatic revolution and struggle for independence keeps Texas history alive.

Here are some interesting facts about Texas that might shatter some of the preconceptions or clichés surrounding the Lone Star State:

  • The term “Texas” is derived from the Caddo language term “taysha” meaning “Friend”. The state slogan is “The Friendly State”.
  • Texas is also the second largest state in terms of population and land area. Texas is bigger than France and twice as big as Germany/Japan. If Texas were an independent country, it would have been the 40th largest country in the world.
  • One in seven Texans has a job related to agriculture; the economic impact of Texas food and fiber is approximately $100 BILLION
  • Texas is one of 17 states that has its own oath of allegiance in addition to the national oath
  • Despite some outcry from other states when Texas passed its recent Concealed Carry Act claiming it would bring back the “Old West,” it should be noted that Texas was actually the 45th (of 50) states to institute such a law; 44 states BEFORE Texas allowed concealed carry.
  • Texas does not have an official language; while English is the primary language of the state, Spanish comes second.
  • The official state food is chilli.

How do YOU ​​plan to celebrate?

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