Hot jobs: Healthcare, tech and manufacturing will remain key hiring sectors in 2021


Healthcare, manufacturing and technology are expected to remain the top hiring sectors in 2021 despite the COVID-19 pandemic situation which continues to impact recruitment trends in India. Salary increases in these sectors are expected to be between 6% and 8%.

These sectors were also at the forefront last year.

“Having shown a resilient recovery before the second wave sets in, expectations are high for a renewed recovery in the second half of 2021 – provided movement restrictions relax and consumer demand strengthens in line with relief measures, “according to a report by RGF Professional Recruitment, a Gurgaon-based human resources consultancy.

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Entitled ‘RGF International Recruitment’s Salary Watch 2021: India’, the report presents a comprehensive assessment of salary data collected on more than 19,000 applicants in the country and offers projections and benchmarking to help employees and employers make decisions. knowledgeable about compensation.

Health care

According to the report, the increase in demand for healthcare and pharmaceutical production services has resulted in an increase in the remuneration of talent with experience in regulatory affairs (healthcare) (increases of up to 8%), sales and marketing. (healthcare) (8%), Manufacturing, production and operations (8%), medical fields (7%). Senior staff and R&D talents in all sectors are also expected to experience higher increases (7%), corresponding to the urgent need for experienced and qualified professionals.

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While technology has always been a top priority for India, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital strategies for businesses of all sizes and in all industries as they face the “new normal”, notes the report.

“From fintech to healthcare technology to e-commerce, businesses of all sizes have undergone a digital transformation to deliver much-needed services to customers in need, such as payments, medications and groceries. Thanks to technology, small businesses and startups have had the chance to participate in a hyper-digital economy that has improved access for all, ”he added.

Tech talent employed in roles such as software development, artificial intelligence, robotics and data science commanded some of the highest salaries in the region, averaging between 50 and 80 lakh per year and increases of salary of up to 40% when changing jobs.

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Manufacturing sector

As new technologies unleash greater efficiency in manufacturing, there has been a corresponding demand for talent with smart manufacturing and technological expertise, according to the report.

“Industry 4.0, driven by artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, has been deployed in sectors such as supply chain management, construction and shipping. The Indian government has also focused on providing incentives to manufacturers in certain sectors such as automotive, pharmaceuticals and food products to strengthen the national supply chain and promote self-sufficiency, ”he said. -he adds.

Engineers and managers in roles such as research and development, application engineering, manufacturing and project management have experienced significantly higher demand compared to other functions, recording annual growth of 7% – in line with India’s increased appetite for technology-driven manufacturing, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the business services and consumer goods sectors are expected to experience smaller increases this year, despite their overall growth forecast with an average increase of 6% and 8% year-on-year.

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