HireRight: Rewind – A look back at HireRight’s favorite blogs in 2021

In 2020, the pandemic took everyone by surprise, and many companies have had to pivot quickly to cope with virtual hiring, a newly remote workforce, and a seemingly endless series of changes and surprises. . In 2021, we were quickly adapting to these remote or hybrid work environments, and HR teams were quickly adapting to this new normal.

This year our blog has covered a wide range of topics, from knowing our team members and clients around the world, to our benchmark reports and adapting to the new era of work. Here’s a look at some of our favorite blog posts from the past year.

Hire worldwide

This year, we toured the world as part of our Behind the Screens series to see how our teams are handling background filtering in the region – and the challenges our customers face in different parts of the world. world.

HireRight Managing Director Latin America, Ryan Christensen, has been with HireRight for over 12 years and is familiar with the background screening market in Latin America. He has carefully built a team in Latin America that also brings years of expertise to the table. This year he took us #BehindTheScreens to show how Bringing the Right People Together Across Latin America was imperative to serving our customers in the area. Then, we spoke with Alfredo Fuentes and Guillermo Saldierna, two of our account managers in Latin America, to Meet the HireRight team in Latin America. They shared their views on background screening in the region, how it has evolved over the years, and how HireRight can connect and serve customers in Latin America.

We then took a trip to Eastern Europe to chat with two members of the audit team from Adopting careers in background screening in Poland + Estonia. Raquel Yhap and Paulina Chrobak are among the teams that research information as part of the process of screening a candidate’s background or, as Raquel puts it, “detective work.” Our interviews with them gave us insight into the work in research supporting background screening requests around the world, as well as their own career paths.

Adapt to the new era of work

In 2020, then again in 2021, we had to adapt and change our approach to our workforce. COVID has, of course, created many challenges when it comes to hiring and selecting potential employees. There is confusion around vaccines and how to plan your workforce for possible federal compliance. Many employers need to know whether their candidates are medically or physically fit to perform the duties of the job. We describe Why employers should consider using post-offer medical questionnairesand provide them with several solutions to meet their specific needs, including screening employees for COVID vaccinations. Additionally, as some organizations have struggled to find candidates and employees for drug testing this year, we have provided guidance with our blog on Workplace Marijuana and COVID-19 Concerns: How to Effectively Navigate Drug Testing.

Later in the year, things got even more confusing for U.S. employers as federal mandates were declared stating that many employees needed to be vaccinated against the COVID virus. Our blog Understand the mandates of COVID vaccines – and the four steps employers can take to prepare for compliancesheds light on COVID risk management in the workplace.

The HireRight 2021 Global Benchmark Report

July just might be our favorite month here at HireRight. Why? In July, we publish our annual benchmark global report! This year, we surveyed over 3,000 HR professionals around the world for their views on the state of talent acquisition and background screening. For an overview, check out our HireRight President and CEO blog Guy Abramoon this year’s report and the status of screening in 2021.

We understand how background selection practices and talent acquisition strategies can vary from region to region, and we’ve detailed this for our readers in a series of related blog posts. You can find out more about the different responses to the survey in North America, EMEA, India, APAC,and Latin Americaof this year’s Global Benchmark Report.

Additionally, we took a closer look at different verticals this year. We explore how healthcare human resources professionals use background checks in theSpotlight on the US Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry. Likewise, we interviewed HR teams focused on transport and shared the results in our Spotlight on the transportation industry in the United States.

Focus on our team members

Like many of you, the HireRight teams had to adapt to an almost entirely remote workforce in 2020, which continued into 2021. In turn, we launched our #LIfeAtHireRight blog series. These articles provide an overview of what it’s like to work at HireRight and hear from our team members around the world. This year our affinity groups have grown and thrived, although they haven’t had the opportunity to meet face to face.

We started with a profile on Account Manager Kevin Ho, our Winner of the #CustomerFirst 2020 award. In May, we introduced Zeena Wright, our President of the BLM Affinity Group. Zeena shared with ushis professional background as a data expert and his experiences advocating for the BLM community at HireRight. Soon after, HireRight celebrated PRIDE month in June. We spoke with Lindsay Wattsand Rob reid, Co-Chairs of our PRIDE Affinity Group. They shared how they celebrate our LGBTQ + community at HireRight. In addition, we spoke with other members of the team of the Importance of PRIDE at HireRight;experiences shared in their own words. More recently we starring Ali Rutledge, Business Development Manager,who shared what it’s like to be a part of the team in Australia.

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Want more? Here’s a handy list of our favorite blog posts from 2021.


Adapt to the new era of work

The HireRight 2021 Global Benchmark Report

Our team members

Right to hire

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