High school students launch Patient QR, a revolutionary healthcare app using QR code technology


Patient QR, LLC, an innovative medical technology company founded by two Florida-based high school students, has announced the launch of its first offering, Patient QR, a revolutionary new mobile app designed to streamline the transfer of medical information and clinical communication between patients and providers during urgent and non-urgent medical events.

The Patient QR app allows patients to securely download and store personal health information on their mobile device, such as ID, insurance details, medical history, medications, allergies, laboratory reports and medical imaging results. Once the information is stored, Patient QR generates a QR code that the patient voluntarily shares with nurses, doctors or emergency medical personnel for fast, contactless transfer of information during a medical event. Patient QR also allows users to separately download and store health information for family members such as children or parents.

Isabel (Izzy) Zahalsky

Isabel (Izzy) Zahalsky and Ethan Zahalsky, students at North Broward Preparatory School and co-founders of Patient QR, created the new healthcare mobile app to accelerate and facilitate the transmission of health information between patients and providers and between emergency providers and emergency room staff.

“In medicine, saving time is saving lives,” explains Izzy Zahalsky. “By using QR code technology, Patient QR saves patients and healthcare providers valuable time and can reduce the risk of medical errors by minimizing the risk of a patient forgetting a medication or having an allergy. “

“The question is simple, if you can’t breathe because of COVID-19, how do you effectively give someone your medical history? – Well, it’s now possible with Patient QR, ”says Ethan Zahalsky. “It is unreasonable for the medical industry to expect a person who has difficulty breathing to answer 10 to 30 minutes of questions before seeking medical attention. By making this process easier, patients and physicians will save time and therefore lives. “

Leadership meetings have already started with Broward Health Coral Springs, a distinguished community hospital in Coral Springs, Florida, regarding the integration and distribution of Patient QR.

Ethan Zahalsky

“Patient QR has the ability to transform the way we practice medicine, streamlining the transfer of information from patient to provider,” says Jared Smith, CEO of Broward Health Coral Springs.

“The most amazing thing about Patient QR is that we can save lives all over the world every day without even knowing who these people are. This is the real definition of pay it forward, ”says Izzy Zahalsky.

The patient’s QR can be found on the App Store on Apple devices and the Google Play Store on Android devices, or by scanning the QR code on the patient’s QR app icon. The QR code generated by the app can also be placed in your Apple wallet for easy access and storage.

The Patient QR team can be contacted at www.PatientQR.com or (954) 840-0965.

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