HHS launches website for healthcare cybersecurity resources

On December 1, HHS unveiled a website for its 405 (d) Healthcare Industry Safety Approach Alignment Program that provides healthcare providers and public health officials with resources and best practices in cybersecurity and patient safety.

The 405 (d) program was established as a mandate of Congress under the Cybersecurity Act of 2015; Under Section 405 (d), the HHS established the Cybersecurity Task Force to strengthen cybersecurity efforts in the health and public health sectors.

The Cybersecurity Working Group worked with over 150 public and private industry players to launch the website and create content aimed at helping the healthcare industry tackle cybersecurity threats.

Supported by the 405 (d) program motto of “cybersecurity is patient safety,” the website provides the health and public health sectors with resources, products, videos and tools to raise awareness of cybersecurity. It also features cybersecurity posters and infographics, installments of the bimonthly 405 (d) Post newsletter, and threat-specific products to support cybersecurity training sessions.

Click here to view the 405 (d) Healthcare Industry Safety Approach Alignment Program website.

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