Health technology company Omics Data Automation announces the opening of its factory in Bangalore, India

Omics Data Automation (ODA), a leading technology provider for healthcare data management and analytics, has announced the opening of its new office in bangaloreKarnataka, India in response to growing global demand for its software and services.

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India is a priority market for ODA as well as a source of key commercial and development partnerships for the company. The new office will be the company’s second official location and will enable ODA to scale its market-leading Framework technology globally, accelerating the launch of its federated learning and causal inference solutions.

“The Bangalore office is ODA’s first point of service outside the United States and represents the strategic expansion of our brand into India and around the world. ODA recognizes the enormous opportunities arising from rapidly expanding economic development in India. We will rely on bangalore office to accelerate our contributions to the region and provide professional support services to local partners. With our employees working remotely around the world as well as those in our Beaverton, OR office, the new facility will allow us to accelerate product development and provide services across the region,” said Noah NasserCEO of ODA.

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“The bangalore the region represents one of the most important sources of engineering talent in India and across the world. This office will allow ODA to grow rapidly, bringing new platforms and services to market. As the largest city in the region, bangalore benefits from significant geographical and demographic advantages. By the end of 2022, we anticipate substantial team growth creating additional technical and business opportunities for our businesses,” said ODA Founder Ganapati Srinivasa, who will help lead this initiative.

Founded in 2016 by Ganapati Srinivasa, Chris Corless MD, PhD and Kemal Sonmez, PhD, Omics Data Automation (ODA) is dedicated to the belief that multimodal health data has tremendous latent power. Developer of the ODA Framework platform for leveraging large-scale healthcare data, ODA’s technology breaks down data silos and integrates patient clinical history, genomic data and imaging, with unlimited types of searches and clinical data enabling better clinical care and more empowered discovery. Spanning all dimensions of storage, compute, interface, and collaboration, the ODA ecosystem supports precision medicine at every level.

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