HEAL website running to support parents of sick children

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Alberta Health Services (AHS) offers access to the HEAL (Health Education and Learning) program, allowing parents to research medical information for their children, which would reduce the number of trips to the emergency department.

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This medical information relates to common injuries and illnesses. Some examples include information about croup, bronchiolitis, nosebleeds, head injuries and rashes. It will also inform parents when to seek immediate medical attention.

This medical information was published by the pediatric emergency medicine experts at Alberta Children’s Hospital and Stollery Children’s Hospital.

This site can be found here.

This assistance is accessible from any device.

“Although children with cough, fever, ear pain, vomiting, diarrhea, minor head trauma or nosebleeds may feel very unwell, they are most often treated with full safer and better at home; the majority of these illnesses and injuries do not require a visit to the emergency department,” AHS said.

AHS also offers the Know your options campaign, which provides information on Alberta’s health care options.

The HEAL team consists of Stephen Page (RNBN, HEAL Program Coordinator), Dr. Graham Thompson, Dr. Naminder Sandhu, Dr. Shirmee Doshi (all from Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Alberta Children’s Hospital), Dr. Robyn Hutchings (Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Stollery Children’s Hospital) and Dr. Angelo Mikrogianakis (Division Chief, Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Alberta Children’s Hospital).

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