GbemiDH launches the new DreamHome perfume collection, e-commerce site

Speaking at the unveiling, Gbemi Elekula, Creative Director of DreamHome said: “With its proven links to emotion and memory, scent is integral to how you feel in your own home or office, and how your guests feel about your space. A carefully chosen home fragrance can elevate a cherished sanctuary to new heights of comfort. That is why we have selected these magnificent perfumes.

“Comparable to the best in the world, DreamHome fragrances are produced from the finest natural ingredients and the purest essential oils, intimately blended to create the most pleasurable scent experience in any space. The powerful oils in our blends can help balance emotions, dispel unnecessary worries, and promote an elevated state of mind and overall well-being.

“I believe that the smell of a room and the mood of a home should be chosen as carefully as the scent on your skin. And you can’t go wrong with DreamHome Scents,” said company director Solate Ovundah-Akarolo. “Made from rare fragrances and oils, DreamHome fragrances breathe life and atmosphere into every space, imbuing it with sensory sophistication.”

For Vivian Zadoklong-time guest and customer of DreamHome, “There is nothing better than walking into a room and being enveloped by the soothing aroma of a beautiful perfume. For years I’ve trusted DreamHome Scents to create that calm and peaceful vibe in my home and office, and I’m so excited about this new collection. With the introduction of car diffusers and room sprays, I can now also enjoy fragrances in my car. »

On the new e-commerce website, Elekula said: “There is a growing demand for our products inside and outside the country. With the introduction of the website, we wish to make it easier for our esteemed customers to purchase the DreamHome range of fragrances and other lifestyle products including arty furniture, decorative accessories and HUMANx fashion pieces, and have them delivered anywhere in the world. world. The website accepts all major payment cards and it is very responsive, safe and secure.

Part of the multidisciplinary GbemiDH brand, DreamHome is a full-service interior design and styling firm with expertise in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, healthcare and beauty projects.

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