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We refer to Mr. Kunwar Bir Singh’s letter, “Allow transactions to be done on websites too, not just apps” (December 3), and thank him for his comments.

For the convenience of patients, online payments for health services are available on the HealthHub website and app. These include direct debit and credit card payment methods. Online payments through the HealthHub website are available at

HealthHub was developed as a single portal and mobile application allowing the public to access health services and content.

In addition to paying their bills, HealthHub users can view factual information about health and wellness, access health records for themselves and their loved ones, and book appointments, pay bills and order. medication.

Over the years, we’ve facilitated digital transactions and services across all three healthcare hubs – National Healthcare Group, National University Health System, and Singapore Health Services.

HealthHub now allows the public to make health care bill payments to all three groups, and the same payment options are offered on our app and website.

We thank Mr. Singh for allowing us to clarify the above with him. For more feedback on HealthHub, members of the public can contact us at [email protected] or call the HealthHub contact center at 1-800-225-4482.

Alan goh

Deputy Managing Director, Platform Services

Head of HealthHub

Integrated health information systems

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