Donald Trump pushes stolen election theory, endorses vaccines at Orlando rally

  • Photo by Michael Vadon via Creative Commons license

Donald Trump played all the hits during his set at the Amway Center this weekend. Addressing a thinner-than-expected crowd with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, the ex-president and reality TV host argued the 2020 election was robbed while still opposing the anti-vax sentiments of his base.

On 2020, Trump stuck to his claim that he was the outright winner of this presidential election. This continued assertion wreaked havoc on the lives of local GOP election officials and led directly to a riot in the US Capitol earlier this year. Trump also teased a third run for president, presumably in 2024.

“We won the first time, and the second time we won even more. And it looks like we may have to think very hard a third time,” he told the crowd.

the Orlando Sentinel reported that many upper bowl guests were allowed to settle into the more expensive lower seats due to a glut of unsold tickets. They added that many of the $100 notes had dropped to $40 at the time of the rally.

Once they approached Trump, the hordes may not have liked what they heard. The former president hailed the coronavirus vaccine as one of his administration’s greatest successes. His support for (and open admission of having received) the vaccine puts him at odds with much of his base.

He called the vaccine rollout “one of the greatest bets in the history of the world because this vaccine or all three vaccines have gone around the world and saved millions and millions of lives.” Later in the show, he casually threw a “no warrants, or anything” contempt for the raving audience on full screen.

Trump also continued to dangle the idea of ​​a vice presidency in front of notorious sycophant Ron DeSantis. He was evasive when asked about a possible run with the governor of Florida, admitting only that he “liked her very much”. That sentence will surely be enough for DeSantis to throw millions of dollars in taxpayer dollars to impress an overgrown Fauntleroy.

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