Chee Soon Juan calls out the website for saying: ‘Opposition parties excel at pointing out flaws in the PAP or its government policies, but they have offered little in the way of solutions’

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Dr Chee Soon Juan, general secretary of the Democratic Party of Singapore, wrote in a Facebook post on Friday morning (April 22) that he came across a report online and found it “simple”, he there was one part he seemed to strongly disagree with. He then posted the excerpt from the article that had “catch his attention”.

“But it is important to state that while opposition parties have always been excellent at pointing out inherent flaws in the PAP or its government policies, they have barely offered solutions, and therefore reasons, why they might be a better representation of Singapore.”

Dr Chee took issue with an online article about his party congratulating Finance Minister Lawrence Wong after he was chosen last week to lead the People’s Action Party’s fourth generation of leaders.

The article in question had been published in Goody Feed, an online news site, on April 17.

The leader of the SDP insists: “If there is one opposition party that has taken the trouble to propose solutions, it is the SDP.

He pointed to “a whole series” of SDP policy documents containing “detailed and comprehensive plans ranging from health care to climate change to population growth, and everything in between – to move Singapore forward.”

For reference, he linked his post to SDP website where these policies can be found.

Furthermore, he added, “many” ideas of the SDP have been followed and implemented by the PAP, including those concerning educationforeign talent and wealth tax, “all in February/March this year”.

He said the Goody Feed article was an example of “an unfortunate stereotype” which is having a negative effect on the country and added that “Singaporeans need to be better informed about the opposition”.

“Goody Feed’s view that opposition parties merely criticize the PAP without offering solutions is an unfortunate stereotype that does a disservice to anyone trying to promote democracy in this country.

“While I encourage online news sites to report on political developments in Singapore (God knows we need more, not less), I hope these inaccurate observations will be corrected and not perpetuated. “


Chee Soon Juan: “PAP will only criticize our ideas to finally adopt them”

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