Care Bridge International announces new API and website for 2022

Care Bridge International calculates medical exposure for personal injury claims reserves, medical damages for litigation and the full scope of Medicare secondary payer simply and quickly by combining machine learning technology with clinical expertise from janitor and dashboard analysis, delivering better claim results and cost savings of 40% -70% or more!

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Positioned to help claims organizations optimize remote workforce productivity and results, Care Bridge International is proud to announce the release of its API platform. For the first time, our entire analytical product stack is available through an API, making integration with our medical forecast reserve products easier and faster. “This not only streamlines and makes the integration more affordable overall,” says Christopher Frankland, chief technology and innovation officer, “but it will also help settle claims 6 to 8 months faster, facilitate a accurate handling of complaints and will help reduce friction between complaints. value chain.”

“With the ongoing disruption of the workforce including high employee turnover, remote working environments, skills gaps, workforce shortages and the stressed and distracted worker, the Care Bridge International’s automated claims platform API takes the guesswork out and time commitment to forecast medical exposure, identify Medicare secondary payer compliance, and effectively manage the medical aspects of a claim, ”says Deborah Watkins, founder and CEO of the company.

The API combines high-tech machine learning claims analysis with advanced clinical algorithms to automate medical claims pools and Medicare pools. The platform is the only actuarial reviewed and approved solution for detailed medical treatment and costs at the zip code level. The affordable subscription model offers an all-inclusive solution with dashboard analytics for claims and risk management.

“In response to today’s frustrated risk managers,” says Bob Schmidt, Chief Client Officer, “dissatisfied with current claims results and lack of transparency, Care Bridge International provides advanced analytics and performance metrics for meet their needs ”.

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