AvoMD Named Winner of Live Healthcare Technology Innovation Competition at Scientific Sessions

CHICAGO, November 9, 2022 – The American Heart Association® Center for Health Technology & Innovation announced today that the winning submission for the AHA Health Tech competition is AvoMD of Brooklyn, New York.

The Association holds the competition annually at its annual Scientific Sessions conference to highlight innovations and market advancements from healthcare and technology companies that engage with its Technology and Innovation Center in health throughout the year.

AvoMD Co-Founder Laurence Coman presented the winning solution: a no-code software platform that transforms clinical content – guidelines, algorithms, pathways and checklists – into “virtual clinical consultations” available instantly at the point of service on a stand-alone website/mobile apps and in electronic health records.

“We built a solution that takes clinical knowledge – which could be clinical guidelines, hospital pathways, AI predictions, really any kind of clinical knowledge – and it turns into point-of-care medical assistance. without needing coding experience,” says Coman. “So we created an app to help clinicians build their own clinical decision support apps without the need for computer or coding knowledge.”

The AvoMD idea was evaluated on the following points:

  • Validity: How well does the working prototype or product work in the market with customers?
  • Scientific rigor: To what extent does validation research use evidence-based health research?
  • Impact: To what extent does the product improve patient outcomes through innovative technology?

Coman said he was honored to receive the award from the judges, who included Star Jones, AHA National Volunteer, lawyer, television personality and heart disease survivor. “I’m honored to have the privilege of being at the AHA and having this opportunity,” Coman said. “Both of my parents are doctors and being able to tell them that I am even presenting to the AHA makes them proud and makes them happy. I’m doing all this work as a consolation prize for them because they didn’t go to medical school.

AvoMD will receive membership in the AHA’s Center for the Health Technology & Innovation Innovators Network, a consortium that connects entrepreneurs, providers, researchers and payers. Members also have access to the association’s digital guidelines, recommendations and best scientific knowledge as they develop their digital healthcare technologies.

Volunteer judges from the fields of health and technology assessed the impact and business case of the submitted proposals, as well as presented the impact on science and evidence of impact on health and patients in two separate assessments.

Additional judges included Eric Peterson, MD of the University of Texas, Southwestern (Dallas); Lee Shapiro of 7wire Ventures (Chicago); Heather Provino of the Scanlon Group (East Greenwich, RI); Asif Ali, MD of Hermann Memorial Hospital (Houston); Seth Martin, MD of Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore); Azizi Seixas, Ph.D. from the University of Miami (Miami, Florida); Anekwe Onwuanyi, MD of the Association of Black Cardiologists/Moorehouse School of Medicine (Atlanta); Neil Patel of Redesign Health (New York); Animesh Aashoo Tandon of the Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland); Robert A Harrington, MD of Stanford University (Stanford, CA); Tiffany M Powell-Wiley, MD of the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, Md.); Ann Marie Navar, MD of the University of Texas, Southwestern (Dallas), and Mike McConnell, MD of Tesseract (Guilford, Conn.).

Other finalists included Bloomer Tech (Boston, Massachusetts), Cipherome (San Jose, CA), NimbleHeart (Sunnyvale, CA), and Opsis (Golden, Colorado).

About the finalists

Bloomer Tech uses ordinary clothing made with advanced fabric technology integrated with machine learning to transform everyday items into medical healthcare devices focused on female physiology. The garments use a patented platform called LILY to collect medical-grade data for women. Aceil Halaby, chief operating officer, said this solves a major problem for women’s healthcare.

Founded on the belief that everyone deserves the best medicine, Cipherome’s goal is to personalize drug therapy by understanding a patient’s genomic information and combining that with clinical factors to deliver the best medicine for a patient. Chief Commercial Officer Jose Estabil said adverse medical events in the United States and patients being prescribed drugs that may not best meet their needs is a $100 billion problem.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional exercise-based ECG monitoring, NimbleHeart created a custom hardware design for its ECG harness with patent-pending motion artifact reduction technology and a biomechanical-based harness design with slots of shape and sensor for men and women and for different body types. CEO Sonal Tambe said these can be used for monitoring in the home, office, gym or other healthcare environments.

Launching this month, Plateful by Opsis is a free smartphone app that will give you the full picture of your food – from nutritional value and portion size to its impact on the planet. It lets users tell how healthy their food is, learn how to eat better with motivation and guidance, track their nutritional journey, and scan products for simple, actionable food choices.

Members participate in the Center in a variety of ways, including creating models for clinical outcome studies, reducing the significant cost of developing these studies independently, helping to connect science with technology, and providing evidence that a digital platform improves healthcare outcomes – a key concern for providers and payers.

Additional information on judges and criteria is available here.


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