A Complete Guide to Developing Healthcare Applications

Innovation is constantly evolving; new features, techniques, devices appear from time to time. The same goes for the healthcare industry, which has moved away from the standard concept of waiting in the salon. Therefore, companies nowadays spare no effort and profit from the development of healthcare applications.

As we can see, the demand for using innovation is constantly changing. The new generation prefers more than the standard healthcare industry coverage options.

This is an area where the development of healthcare applications is helping companies take a new step away from the traditional approach.

The year 2020 has entered the history of the healthcare applications market. According to CBI Insights, every niche in telemedicine, including remote patient monitoring, has seen a 300% increase in investment.

Well, the new coronavirus has also acted as a catalyst in this regard.

Still, if you’re hesitant to invest in healthcare app development, consider checking out the stats below.

Some statistics and facts

  1. Mobile healthcare dominates the bulk, as the largest number of users demand mHealth technologies. Therefore, clinics and hospitals make sure to invest in the development of healthcare applications.
  2. The App Store has nearly 45,478 health apps. This indicates that many investors have already approached health-based mobile app development companies to build health apps.
  3. The size of the mobile healthcare market is expected to increase to a CAGR of 17.7%. According to sources, this will increase exponentially from the year 2021-2028.
  4. In 2019, the mobile healthcare niche has overtaken $ 13.7 billion worldwide.
  5. 93% of doctors confirmed that health apps would improvise patient health.
  6. Google Play Store offers 43,285 health apps.
  7. According to the survey conducted by Accenture, nearly 75% of respondents said they understand the importance of using health apps.
  8. Sources claim that the telemedicine market will grow to $ 17.14 billion by 2026.

Looking at these statistics, it is quite obvious that the mHealth industry is expected to grow in the years to come.

Now, if your business belongs to this niche, it is high time to invest in the development of healthcare applications. Also make sure to implement the best health app development features while building health apps.

Now, developing healthcare start-ups need deep analysis. This includes checking out the latest trends, ideas, competitors, innovations, development stages, etc.

Let’s dig deeper into this blog to learn more about the detailed healthcare app development plan.


Before entering the development process, it is essential to create MVP. It is also known as a minimum viable product.

You can call it the starting point for your app idea. It contains all the essential features and will help you answer three essential questions.

  1. Is your application idea required?
  2. Does it solve the patient problem?
  3. Can it be monetizable?

To note:-

The best healthcare app development company will make sure you make the MVP of your app idea first. They will have a detailed discussion with you and your team.

Health application development roadmap

Before you pursue your app idea, you should know that healthcare apps aren’t just for patients. For example, to expand your audience, you need to think about developing health apps for both healthy people and sick people.

You also have to think from the point of view of a balanced diet and good physical shape.

Types of healthcare applications

  • Mobile telehealth applications
  • Applications for medical monitoring of patient health
  • Clinical assistance and doctor’s appointment apps
  • Database and medical reference applications
  • Medical recall and follow-up applications
  • Healthy lifestyle apps
  • Applications for monitoring chronic diseases
  • Mental health apps
  • Prevention and diagnostic applications
  • Diet applications
  • Fitness apps
  • Applications for women’s health

Choose a category

The first step in developing healthcare applications is choosing a classification. There are a few classes for healthcare apps and you are definitely using one for yourself.

Do a statistical survey and see who your main interest group is and try to understand their weak points. Talk in detail with your team to find a simple and achievable solution.

Must have features

Whichever classification you choose for developing healthcare applications. Some functions are standard for all healthcare applications.

For example, your app should have a dashboard that will show all of the experiences and the patient. This is mandatory for an expert to acquire knowledge.

In the event that you are developing a telemedicine or medical consultation application, you must have payment portals. You should also make sure to implement real-time chat or video conferencing options for patients.

The best healthcare app development company will present all of these features like a pro and make sure your app works well in an emergency.

Certification via HIPAA

Even though the Android app has security and data privacy issues. Hence, you need to hire an android app developer for medical service apps.

They will develop the HIPAA healthcare application which adheres to the privacy and data policy.

The protection of patient data is exceptionally crucial. And so, you have to go through extra layers of information security when it comes to healthcare applications.

The developers of the leading healthcare application development company can competently implement the privacy policy, encryption, mandatory password protection, etc.

Simple user interface and UX

You need to make sure you optimize and design healthcare applications simply.

You don’t want your user to miss the goal. You must remember that healthcare apps are used in an emergency.

Therefore, you need to optimize all functions. Try to develop simple designs. An experienced healthcare application development company will tightly design these applications accordingly.

For doctors, you need to develop an app that easily displays the medical history of patients. It should also contain key information for patients and passers-by.

You should be well acquainted with the colors. Make sure you choose the correct design notifications.

Also, consider taking into account the design differences between iOS and Android and get an overview. This you can do by analyzing the target audience.

Now it is also essential to take people with disabilities into account when developing applications. This includes users with low vision, attention deficit, sensory impairment, etc.

During the design phase, a good healthcare application development company will definitely consider these users.


One of the main features is to compulsorily monitor the heart rates, blood pressure, etc. of certain patients. Hence, you need to make sure to develop a healthcare app that reminds of taking medication, drinking water, etc.


Many trends have evolved over the period. This includes wearables, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, etc.

Nowadays, users prefer to use health apps which have these latest trends.

Benefits of developing healthcare applications

There are many advantages to developing healthcare applications. Ease of access is one of the main advantages of developing healthcare applications.

Users can rate doctors based on exams, records, etc. They can also manage schedules with healthcare professionals.

Cost of building healthcare apps

The cost varies from county to county. It also includes hourly rates and developer experience, features, platform, etc.

Simple healthcare applications can cost you between $ 45,000 and $ 80,000, and more complex applications will cost as much as $ 120,000. So, do detailed research before hiring a healthcare application development company.

Some FAQs

  • How long will it take to develop a healthcare app?

The time required to develop healthcare applications depends on the complexity, implementation of features, functionality, etc.

  • What popular trend should I implement for the development of educational applications?

You can opt for wearables, IoT, Blockchain, AR / VR, ML, AI, etc., for educational app development.

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