8 ways to stay healthy for your healthcare website design

Like any other, a health site must be practical and accessible to all users, that is to say universal. The design should be developed in such a way that it is useful, usable and appealing to people with different abilities. A well-designed website can have a powerful psychological impact on readers with health issues. Exactly fireart healthcare web design company is ready to take on any project.

The importance of first impressions

The first impression is of great importance, which is one of the important criteria for which a site needs a good design. The initial assessment depends on many factors, including:

  • page structure;
  • Color scheme;
  • Character font;
  • amount of text and more.

As statistics show, the following sections attract the most users to the main page:

  • logo;
  • navigation;
  • Search bar;
  • the main image of the page;
  • text content;
  • footer (block at the bottom of the site with useful, but not essential information).

There is only one conclusion: the visual appeal and good navigation of a website significantly affects the first impression.

How to Stay Healthy: Top Health Blog Topics

Today it has become more fashionable than ever to take care of one’s health. Body care and the prevention of various diseases are the best ways to stay healthy at any age. Basically, people pull information from relevant sites on the internet. Therefore, it is very important that health websites pay special attention to these issues.

Here are the top 8 best health blog themes:

  1. A healthy diet is the prevention of many diseases. The importance of a balanced diet is known to the vast majority of people, although few adhere to it. Osteoporosis, which affects all bones of the skeleton, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and others are getting younger every year. In this regard, it is particularly important to convey this message correctly and convincingly to people.
  2. Dental care. Poor nutrition, insufficient oral hygiene, ignorance of regular visits to the dentist have made most of the population hostage to common diseases such as caries, periodontal disease, dental calculus and others. It’s no secret that they are closely associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Healthy teeth are the key not only to a beautiful smile, but also to the health of the whole organism, which means the quality of human life.
  3. Active lifestyle. The blog should reveal how vital it is to walk more, stay constantly active through exercise and sports, which contribute to physical and mental health, increase self-esteem, improve quality of sleep. At the same time, we need to talk about how inactivity can lead not only to weakness, sleep disturbances, decreased performance, but also to strokes, atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, cancer and many other chronic diseases.
  4. How to learn to manage stress. A very hot topic right now. Stress threatens us everywhere – on the street, at work, in the store and even at home. An important task of the blog is to teach users to deal with this psychological and physical stress in different ways.
  5. Regular and sufficient sleep. The impact of quality sleep on the physical and psycho-emotional state of a person must be constantly discussed. Sleep supports normal brain activity and metabolism, restores the body’s defences, improves well-being and mood. As Erin Hanlon (Associate Professor at the Center for Sleep, Metabolism, and Health at the University of Chicago) has said, “the need for sleep is so strong that it exceeds hunger.”
  6. Water is the basis of an organism’s life. Clean water can prevent many health problems. More than half of all illnesses on the planet come from contaminated water. Why is clean water so important for the body, how to purify water for safe drinking, how much water to drink to maintain water balance – it is extremely important for everyone to know.
  7. Strengthen health by hardening. A blog should highlight this centuries-old method of physiotherapy. If only because most people either ignore it or think it is possible to harden just using cold water. The first priority is to expose users to the full range of hardening-related treatments, which includes air and sun bathing, scrubbing, contrast showers, open water swimming, and even barefoot walking.
  8. Rejection of bad habits. It is not enough to say that addictions such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs cause irreparable damage to the health of people who are addicted to them. Their family members, especially children, are also at risk.

Since website users are always looking for specific information, try to design the page in such a way that they can easily and quickly find the health topic they are interested in.

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