5 benefits of having video content on your website

Have you ever wondered why some websites are extremely popular and others less so? To present a great website, you need to have amazing content that your audience cares about, no matter what product or service you are promoting.

Video content is considered the Rolls Royce of marketing strategies that can propel your website to the top.

So, if you’re not featuring video content, what are you waiting for?

Cognitive learning styles

Human beings learn things basically in four ways. These would include visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic (hands-on, tactile).

When you present a video to your audience, you can communicate your message instantly. People visiting your website can watch and listen rather than spending time reading long paragraphs of text.

Studies have shown that a video approach is best for blended learning, and as a single platform, it can cater to all categories of learners.

1. Videos are memorable

When it comes to recall value, a video with an audio stimulus is something people remember. When the information is done well via an online video or even an email video, it usually stays in someone’s mind.

Compare that to content consisting of only verbose text, and you can see the advantages that video can offer when you want your product or service to have a lasting impact on your consumers or customers.

Research shows that the visual modality improves a person’s attention and memory.

2. Videos inform and educate

Video content can be a very effective marketing tool, especially when the experts at a New York video production company help you navigate this powerful type of communication.

You can use videos to inform and educate in a variety of ways, such as live streaming, corporate production demonstrations, event productions, health or education videos, or promotional content.

Professionally produced videos feature standout content that can elevate your brand or organization and reach more customers and increase online traffic.

3. Videos help build credibility

When you add the right video content to your website, you can engage the consumer and connect in valuable ways. Videos can convey emotional and more understandable communication, and many people are drawn to them and the messages they can convey.

You can build credibility and trust by getting your audience to watch and listen to you and the way you talk about the benefits of your products and services and/or your brand.

Videos have the ability to convey a range of emotions to a wide audience and keep them fully engaged. It’s not always just logic or intellect, it’s more emotion. And when you watch a video, you react with your emotions.

When you understand your target audience, your video messages can encourage your viewers to make associations with your product and brand and fall through your sales filter.

4. Videos can create a buzz

You want your website to see tons of traffic and keep people engaged and wanting your product and/or service. By posting videos on your website, you get the perfect medium as you would with a television advertisement, for example.

In this case, however, you are saving money from expensive TV advertising and still reaping the benefits. People like to receive an interesting video in their email and show it to their friends.

You can create a buzz with videos on your website because videos provide the perfect platform to deliver content. Videos can be distributed quickly via social media, a simple web link, servers or other video sharing programs.

5. Videos can help build your brand

You have a website for a number of good reasons, and videos can contribute to your profit margin. When you offer great content, people will find your brand, organization, or business.

Even a single video with a compelling speaker can influence buying behavior and persuade a visitor to convert into a lead. Thus, by doing this, you will establish a solid foundation for the growth of your brand.

The essential

It’s no secret that there is a lot of competition when it comes to websites. Don’t get left behind. Showcase compelling videos on your website and reap the benefits of this spectacular content delivery method!

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